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Steel Pipe

  • Oil Casing Pipe

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    Oil Casing Pipe

    1 Product name : Oil casing pipe
    2 Function : Mainly used for the support of borehole wall during drilling and drilling ends .
    Oil casing pipe can ensure the drilling process and the whole work are normal.
    3 Model:J55, K55, M65, L80, C95, N80, T95, P110 etc.
    4 Reference...
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  • U Shaped Steel Pipe

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    U Shaped Steel Pipe

    1 Product name:U shaped steel pipe
    2 Function: Mainly used for the support of mine roadway ,mountain tunnel and so on.
    There are many points: bear much pressure、support for a long time、easy to install and not easy to deform.
    3 Reference data:
    Channel Steel ( H*B*T)
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  • Square Steel Pipe

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    Square Steel Pipe

    1 Product name:Square steel pipe
    2 Function: It is widely used in the construction of heavy-load engineering projects.
    Such as machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, solar power generation support,agricultural and chemical machinery, highway railing, housing construction etc.
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  • Pipe Line Steel Pipe

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    Pipe Line Steel Pipe

    1 Product name:Pipe line steel pipe
    2 Function: Mainly used in oil, natural gas and other fuel transport, large-scale factory heating and water supply system.
    With a strong, high temperature, reduce losses and other advantages.
    3 Reference data:
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  • Drill Pipe Steel Pipe

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    Drill Pipe Steel Pipe

    1 Product name:Drill pipe steel pipe
    2 Function:Mainly used to connect the rig surface equipment and the bottom of the drilling equipment (or bottom hole device).
    The purpose is to transport the drill mud to the drill bit. With the drill together to improve, reduce or rotate the...
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  • Oil Pipe

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    Oil Pipe

    1 Product name:Oil pipe
    2 Function:Mainly used in construction machinery hydraulic tubing, submarine natural gas, oil, irrigation, steel mills, chemical plants and other media delivery.
    3 Specification model: J55 , K55,N80,L80,P110 etc.
    4 Reference data:
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  • Angle Steel

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    Angle Steel

    1 Product name:Angle steel
    2 Function:According to the different need with structure to connect different force structure. Widely used in a variety of building structures and engineering structures, such as beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting transport machinery, ships, industrial...
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