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  • Efficient Energy Saving Lamp

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    Efficient Energy Saving Lamp

    1 Design of Efficient energy-saving lamp
    2 The details of efficient energy-saving lamp
    3 Features
    4 Application range
    5 Case
    6 Product ordering information:
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  • LED Bulb of Saving Lamp

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    LED Bulb of Saving Lamp

    Product ordering information:
    (1) Price: current market price;
    (2) Order Quantity: Based on customer requirements;
    (3) Delivery: 1 ~ 1.5 months;
    (4) Settlement: L / C, T / T.
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  • Switches of Lamp

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    Switches of Lamp

    1. Product name : the Switches of Efficient energy saving lamp
    2. Product description:
    There is no doubt that the switch is used in all areas of life and work. Our company offers a variety of styles of switches: the traditional style switch and scientific and electronic switch....
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  • Sockets of Lamp

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    Sockets of Lamp

    1. Product name : Lamp socket of LED bulb
    2. Product description :
    The lamp holder is a matching product of LED bulb. Our company offers socket with single mouth and multi-mouth type.
    Customers can choose their products according to their actual needs. We also have a new lamp...
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