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Digital Metal Detector

  • Pharmaceutical Type Metal Detector

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    Pharmaceutical Type Metal Detector

    1 NMD530 pharmaceutical type metal detector
    1.1 Product description:
    This product is the most accurate in the NMD530 series.Its unique accuracy can detect the smallest metal inside the drug, while the processing speed of 15,000 per minute.
    1.2 Features:
    1.3 Product show and...
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  • Fall Type Metal Detector

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    Fall Type Metal Detector

    2 NMD530 Fall type metal detector
    2.1 Product description:
    Fall type metal detector is to detect the metal in the powder . It is easy to install metal testing lines for any free landing products. The equipment is compact design. After continuous research and development, it has...
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  • Pipe Line Type Metal Detector

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    Pipe Line Type Metal Detector

    NMD530 pipe line type metal detector
    1 Product description:
    Pipeline metal detector is for the liquid product through the pump design.The smallest diameter 80mm (2S) can be connected to a variety of diameter. The design is to achieve the best results. It can also work well in the...
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  • Aluminum Foil Packaging Metal Detector

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    Aluminum Foil Packaging Metal Detector

    Aluminum foil packaging type metal detector
    Mainly used in metal foreign body detection (Iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum,etc.) for aluminum foil packaging products, such as aluminum foil sealing cup, aluminum foil (including salt products), aluminum foil vacuum packaging, aluminum...
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  • Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

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    Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

    5 NMD530 conveyor belt metal detector
    5.1 Product description:
    NMD530 conveyor type metal detector is the most widely used model of NMD530 series .
    It has a variety of flat operation function.
    The frequency of the product can be set automatically in the shortest time. For...
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