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Auto Check Weigher

  • Miniature Product Automatic Checkweigher

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    Miniature Product Automatic Checkweigher

    In addition to electronic and user-friendly design, the main feature is for the general product testing. Such as the weight from 3g to 10kg. It can be used with metal detectors together. This combination reduce the working line space, but also reduce the production costs. Read More

  • Inline Check Weighing System

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    Inline Check Weighing System

    Inline check weighing system Description Checkweighers are used in cleanrooms, dry atmosphere environments, wet environments, produce barns, food processing, drug processing, etc. Checkweighers are specified by the kind of environment, and the kind of cleaning will be used. Typically, a... Read More

  • Hi Speed In Line Checkweigher

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    Hi Speed In Line Checkweigher

    Hi speed in line checkweigher Product Features 1. Versatility: the standardization of the whole structure and standardized man-machine interface to complete the weighing of various materials. 2. Easy to replace: can store a variety of recipes, easy to replace product specifications. 3. Simple... Read More

  • Automatic Check Weighing Machines

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    Automatic Check Weighing Machines

    Automatic check weighing machines Application Checkweighers are operated in some applications for extremely long periods of time- 24/7 year round. Generally, conveyor lines are not stopped unless there is maintenance required, or there is an emergency stop, called an E-stop. Checkweighers... Read More

  • In Motion Checkweigher System

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    In Motion Checkweigher System

    In motion checkweigher system Features 1. Strong stainless steel structure; Water proof design. 2. High accurate load cell; Based on advanced DSP technology. 3. Automatic weighing compensation and zero tracking. 4. 100 products preset; Easy to edit and recall. 5. Quickly product shift and speed... Read More

  • Heavy Product Automatic Checkweigher

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    Heavy Product Automatic Checkweigher

    1. Product name : Heavy product automatic check weigher
    2. Product description:
    The product ‘s design is mainly for big heavy product testing.
    Weight range is 10kg to 30kg. Processing speed is also different because of different weight product.
    The choice of bad rejects on the...
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  • High Accuracy Auto Check Weigher

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    High Accuracy Auto Check Weigher

    1. Product name : High accuracy auto check weigher
    2. Product description:
    This product has Multi-column design.The measurement range for this product is 1g-200g.
    Fast sampling speed,high accuracy and storing a variety of recipes , all those good points improve the efficiency...
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  • High Speed Auto Check Weigher

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    High Speed Auto Check Weigher

    1. Product name: High speed auto check weigher
    2. Product description :
    The maximum weight of this product is 3000g.It can detect different products at the same time.
    It has high efficiency and can save much time. The Installation and operation are simple.
    3. Product...
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HS Global has been engaged in auto check weigher for over 20 years, and are now known as one of China's leading manufacturers and suppliers of auto check weigher made in China. If you're interested in it, welcome to contact our factory.